Monday, 9 July 2018

What All You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Wall Coverings?

Are you tired of the same old paint? Do you want to add some texture or add a feel of luxury or you want a new theme? Whatever may be the case, you need to know the right choice for your space.
Generally, wall coverings come in different qualities and materials; here we have discussed some tips to choose the right one and what are your expectations?

  1. Vinyl is the most popular one used. It is made up of a continuous flexible film, that is often applied over a fabric or paper backing. It is quite easy to install and clean them. It can however come in thousands of patterns and colors.
  2. Foil or Mylar is the reflective covering coated with a thin, flexible metallic film. It is used to either brighten and open dark spaces and requires a careful handling with perfect preparation of the surface because it tends to reveal wall flaws.
  3. Fabric wall coverings are usually made of woven textiles. They soften and are used to bring texture to the room, yet they are hard to clean. These are most commonly used in formal rooms.
  4. Natural wall coverings such as grass-cloth, hemp, and other natural weaves, are great materials that help to bring texture and depth to the wall. They are used to cover wall flaws properly and need to be professionally installed.
  5. Flocked wall coverings are patterned with raised fibers and suggest a look and "hand" of velvet. By using flocked wall coverings, you can avoid brushing but you need to check the washing instructions. Other than that, you can greatly use them for camouflaging wall imperfections.
  6. Embossed wall coverings are stamped with a relief pattern featuring stylized designs that simulate raised moldings made from wood, plaster, tile, or leather. Embossed wall coverings are very durable, and they can be painted or re-painted and they cover wall defects well. They create beautiful effects on ceilings and bathrooms. When installing never use a seem roller; for better results a professional installer is recommended.
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